Beef with tabbouleh


Beef, oh sweet joy tender beef!.

This is a dish that will make you the foodie amongst your friends.

Have some Tzatziki, natural yogurt, soy sauce ore broth sauce to it.

You need: Serves 4

4 Beef tenderloin (150 gram each)

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Butter for frying


2 dl Bulgur

4 dl water

1 bundle of fresh parsley

1 bundle of fresh mint

1/2 onion

1 red Chili

1 lemon

1 spring onion

8 cherry tomatoes

Olive oil



Cook the Bulgur for 10 min.

Rinse the Bulgur in cold water, press the water out.

Wash the herbs, finely chop them in small pieces.

Do the same to the onion,chili,spring onion and tomatoes.

Take out the seeds in the chili.

Cut the lemon in 2 and press the juice out, mix it with some olive oil,

salt and pepper.

Add the cold Bulgur to the vegetables and add the lemon oil mix.

Blend well together and set cold in the fridge.

Now the beef.

Add salt and pepper to the beef, fry them for 2-3 min on each side. (medium)

Let the beef rest for at least 10 min before you cut them in slices.

Enjoy! ❤





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