Nan Bread


Homemade Nan bread!.

Who do not like Indian food!. I LOVE Indian food.

So here is my Nan bread recipe.

You need:

Step 1:

1 pk of dry yeast

5 Tbsp of water

1 Tbsp of white caster sugar

Step 2:

450 gram of white flour

1/2 Tbsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

2 dl natural yogurt

1 dl water

1 Egg

3 Tbsp natural oil


Olive oil


Sea salt

Dry garlic


Step 1:

Set your oven on the highest temperature and on grill!

Mix dry yeast, caster sugar and water (finger warm), let it set for 10 min.

Step 2:

Have all the dry elements in a foodprosessor, then all the wet elements.

Mix together for 10 min until you have smooth dough.

Let the dough set for a while in a warm place. (30 min)

Take the dough out and add more flour if its to loose.

Split the dough in 6 pieces, roll out so the bread is 5 mm thick.

Put on the topping, olive oil, coriander, dry garlic and sea salt.

Put the bread on a baking pan, put the pan on the second highest level in the oven.

Bake for around 3-5 min.

Look at it often, it burns quickly.

Enjoy!! ❤






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